(Q&A) Recorded from Paltalk Room: "Dar al Quran wa al Hadeeth Perlis Malaysia"

(Q&A) Recorded from Paltalk Room: "Dar al Quran wa al Hadeeth Perlis Malaysia, teached by Ahmad Banajah (Ahmad Ibn Umar Ibn Abdurrahman Banajah al-Hadhrami al-Yemeni) at 27 Dzulqa'dah 1432H.
  1. from sister: As-salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu may Allah preserve you: 1:How can a woman avoid backbiting 2:how does one apply a hadeeth  or verse in the QU'RAN they have learn in their life and stick to it?
  2. from sister: What should our position be with my adult daughter who is 40 years old. She took her shahadah about many years ago however, she never really practiced. Now she tells me "" I am not Muslim and I will never be Muslim""!!!.  How should  I treat her, for example should I visit with her, and mingle with her (go places with her) etc?
  3. from brother: I know Ubayd al Jaabiri, Abdur-Rahman Adani and Abdullah Adani have devieated. I know shaykh Yahya has criticised Muhammad ibn Hadi and Abdullah Bukhari. Are Muhammad ibn Haadee and Abdullah Bukhari Salafi or are they outside of Ahluls Sunnah ? for example shaykh Yahya has criticised shaykh Wasiullah Abbas but as far as I know he didn't make tabdee of him. so I want to know whether he did tabdee against those two or not, or just a critise/advise?
(Answers of Ahmad Banajah): at 27 Dzulqa'dah 1432H

Ahmad Banajah is a main teacher at Mahad Dar al-Quran wa al-Hadeeth in Perlis in Malaysia (branch of Dar ul-Hadeeth in Dammaj in Yemen). The class at Paltalk room (in English) opens everyday from around 20.00~22.00 (Malaysian Time) except SaturdayThursday.

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