Darul Hadits Dammaj Yaman
دار الحديث بدماج - حرسها الله
-Sejarah Singkat-

A short history of Dammaj in Arabic. May Allah protect it.

Voice by Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Ahmad al-Hakami
الشيخ محمد بن أحمد الحكمي أبو أسامة

I (Musa Millington) will just summarize some parts of it in four topics:

1. What makes Dammaj distinguished:

i. It is away from cities
ii. It has a lot of strong teachers
iii. An extremely good library
iv. It was formed upon fear of Allah and away from sins, Bid'ah and Hizbeeyah.

2. Time-Table of Dammaj.

i. After Fajr the students do their Thikr or review the Qur'an until sunrise
ii. After breakfast the classes begin. Tens of circles of knowledge and during vacation there are many.
iii. After Thuhr general class.
iv. Then lunch or whatever else from studies. And some may do classes or revision
v. Asr- General class. And afterward more classes or revision
vi. Maghrib- Isha- Classes
vii. After Isha- More classes or revision.
The library never is empty of researchers except for the general classes and the Salaat. And this is for men and women.

3. The condition of women in Dammaj

The women of Dammaj also are upon knowledge, memorizing the Qur'an, research, Tahqeeq etc.
The head of them who is from the Ulama of Yemen Shaikhah Umm Abdillah the daughter of Shaikh Muqbil Ibn Haadi Al Waadi'ee
The women have classes in their houses. Their condition is better than the condition of many brothers.

4. Why people hate Dammaj?

i. Clarity and Purity of the religion. As for the people of Bid'ah their mix the truth with falsehood and the Sunnah with Bid'ah.
ii. Clear and truthful advice to the Muslims. For there is no silence in terms of misguidance.
iii. Fruits that have come from Dammaj. In short years there were those who were able to give Fatwa, give Da'wah and research etc. And for this reason there is jealousy because others were unable to do such in a short space of time.

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